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Countdown to Summit Series- Groundhog Day

Getting ready for Summit in Orlando next week I decided to re-post some of my Movie themed blog series that may help you in your implementation and highlight some of the benefits I received attending summit as a user. Even though I am now on the partner side of the implementation house most of...

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Fire your Boss and get a Life! (January 2019)

Presented by: @Patric Timmermans and @Thomas Ajspur How often have you seen “empowerment” in a message, on a poster, or in an HR handbook? And how often do you feel it’s real? Empowerment is the most powerful tool in business and your life, however it is also a very misunderstood...

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Project Management IV: Project Costing (JUN 2019)

@Barr Snyderwine ​ Join us for the fourth in a four-part series on the concepts that form the foundation for Project Accounting functionality in D365FO and AX 2012. In our final session, we will investigate time entry costing and transaction types, as well as Item costing concepts and module...

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