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Countdown to Summit Series- Groundhog Day

Getting ready for Summit in Orlando next week I decided to re-post some of my Movie themed blog series that may help you in your implementation and highlight some of the benefits I received attending summit as a user. Even though I am now on the partner side of the implementation house most of...

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Azure DevOps Tasks for D365 FO (Jul 2019)

@Joris de Gruyter ​ Learn how to use the first and second Azure DevOps tasks released into the Visual Studio Marketplace to support D365 F&O Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) processes. The first task released contains a single task that you can use in a release pipeline to upload...

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Upgrade Preparation Series IV: D365FO Data Migration and Data Warehousing (April 2019)

Presented by: @Denis Guryev In the fourth webinar of our five-part series on preparing to upgrade to D365FO, we will continue to examine the 3 pillars (Code, Data, Licensing) of a move to Dynamics 365, with a specific focus on Data. You can expect an administrative and technical review of...

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