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Solving Supply Chain Risks [INFOGRAPHIC]

This Infographic provides an overview of the most prevalent supply chain risks, the departments they affect, their financial impact on your business, and how they can be resolved. Take a look! #SupplyChain #AXUGSummit2015Reno #FoodandBeverage #SupplyChain #BIandReporting ...

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Improving Your Supply Chain with Better Analytics and Collaboration

How does a busy business analyst deliver insightful performance reporting for a retailer with 80,000 SKUs sold across 150 stores 365 days a year? One of our customers, a leading retailer in the home improvement space, was having issues delivering timely sell-in reports to its suppliers. They...

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Dynamics Mobile for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Hi guys, What do you know about Dynamics Mobile for Dynamics AX installations? Would you or your customers use its offline mode? What would be the desired mobile functionality? What would be the preferred mobile OS - Windows 8, Android, iOS? Any other requirement? Thanks! Danail ...

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How to improve your Receivables position with better Risk Analysis

When it comes to reducing Accounts Receivable risk, that old saying “a stitch in time saves nine” holds true. If you drive a car then you know what a dashboard is. There are two main gauges that we are all very familiar with – the speedometer and the fuel gauge. The other gauges we...