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DynamicsPerf Tool

DynamicsPerf Tool from the Microsoft Engineer who Created It

March 7, 2017


Learn how to interpret, diagnose, and resolve performance issues using Dynamic Management Views…

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What is the Common Data Service

What is the Common Data Service?

May 4, 2017


The Common Data Service is at the heart of Dynamics 365, but what is it? Hear from Microsoft engineers who work every day with…

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Ongoing Training Plan

How to Develop an Ongoing Training Plan after Go-Live

August 3, 2017


How do you carry training forward after Go-Live, when: improvements are made to the system, users are hired or change jobs, or training deficiencies are identified.…

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Building a D365 Application

Building a D365 Application 101: Tables and Populating Data

June 27, 2017


Learn how to create an application in Dynamics 365 for Operations. We’ll start with creating tables and populating data, explaining how to manipulate data.…

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