Company User Memberships

Your whole organization can benefit through one company membership to the joint D365UG/AXUG community. Join your community to expand your knowledge, connect with other users, and grow your Dynamics 365 & AX skills.

Small Business and Mid Market

1-99 D365/AX Licenses

$800 annually

Large Enterprise

100+ D365/AX Licenses

$1500 annually

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Online Newsletter Subscriber

Want to stay connected to the D365UG/AXUG community? Sign up for our e-newsletter to receive relevant product information and community updates.

*Subscribing to the newsletter does not create a login for the D365UG/AXUG website. 

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Partner Membership

Partner Members build skills, strengthen their brand, uncover revenue opportunities and increase customer satisfaction by being an engaged member of the joint D365UG/AXUG community.

*D365UG/AXUG is a professional association focused on education and peer-to-peer networking. Due to our mission, recruitment and employment firms, or other job placement agencies do not qualify for membership.

Dynamics Partners

ISVs, VARs, and ICNs

$5000 annually

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Microsoft Team Members

Microsoft Team Members around the world can enjoy a FREE D365UG/AXUG membership. Enjoy all the benefits of the joint D365UG/AXUG community, including networking and engagement opportunities.

Microsoft Team Members

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*Joint D365UG/AXUG Membership is FREE for Microsoft Team Members.


Microsoft MVPs

Microsoft Dynamics MVPs are entitled to a FREE single membership to D365UG/AXUG for as long as they maintain MVP status. Join the discussion and network with other MVPs and users today!

Microsoft MVPs

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*D365UG/AXUG Membership is FREE for Microsoft MVPs.