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Sales Orders - possible to create duplicate orders?

  • 1.  Sales Orders - possible to create duplicate orders?

    Posted Sep 06, 2022 03:49 PM
    We have several customers who often submit multiple PO's (at the same time) for the same item, shipping address, etc. Sometimes there are different quantities, generally they are the same. The main/only difference between orders is the PO number. 

    Is there a way to duplicate/copy a sales order? 

    If it is possible:

    • Will it matter if the item also requires a production order?
    • Can duplicates be made from orders not yet invoiced? 
    • Does the reservation status matter?
    • What fields are copied and what fields are not?

    We are looking to copy NEW orders at the time of order entry- not necessarily old orders that are being repeated.

    Nichole Gilkerson
    ComAp LLC

  • 2.  RE: Sales Orders - possible to create duplicate orders?

    Posted Sep 07, 2022 08:42 AM
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    Hi Nichole,

    From either:
    Sales and Marketing > Comon > Sales Orders > All Sales Orders
    Accounts Receivable > Common > Sales Orders > All Sales Orders

    You should be able to select Copy > From All
    And then choose the sales order ( or other source that you want to copy from ).  There are various check boxes such as:
    Copy Order Header
    Copy Charges

    that you can play with to see what is most useful.

    If you don't wish to copy the whole sales order you can select / unselect specific lines to copy

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