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Purchase Agreements (Create Link)

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    Posted Nov 15, 2022 10:13 AM

    Hello everyone,

    We have an entity that has multiple customers who we perform Direct Deliveries from a single sourced vendor.  Depending on the timing of our customers commitment, the prices given by the vendors can vary.  For instance, this week customer A commits to 250,000 lbs. over X period, and the vendor supplies a price of $1.00/lbs.  Next month, customer B commits to 500,000 lbs. over Y period, and vendor supplies a price of $.90/lbs.  The X and Y periods are not the same but do overlap. 

    My question, is there a way in which we can select a Purchase Agreement at time of direct delivery sales order entry, or sometime after the Sales Order is linked to the Purchase Order, on the PO side?  In my example, when we select "Update Line" on the purchase order line and then select "Create Link", the system only shows the original PA line to select and doesn't list all other PA's that still have open PA lines to choose from.  When customer B places an order, the direct delivery auto selects the $1.00/lb price of the first PA created, and we are unable to change to the $.90/lb PA.

    Currently running AX2012 R2, with plans to migrate to D365 next year, and I assume both AX2012 and D365 functionality is the same?

    Erick Stebbings
    Senior ERP Process Leader

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