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  • 1.  Negative BOMs

    Posted Jul 28, 2022 12:19 PM
    Does AX have the ability to do negative BOM.  By that when the BOM completes it adds to inventory?  Instead of consuming form inventory.

    Mark Zerr
    Senior IT Business Analyst
    Indianapolis IN

  • 2.  RE: Negative BOMs

    Posted Aug 01, 2022 11:23 AM
    Hi Mark,

    Yes.  We have BOM lines setup with negative quantity.  This is a simple way to handling by-products.  One caveat is if you have supplier provided materials that come in at 0 or very low cost and then you have a negative quantity on your by-product that has some market value, you could end up with negative cost to produce the finished good.  AX will not be happy and give you an error message when you close the production order.


  • 3.  RE: Negative BOMs

    Posted Aug 08, 2022 07:50 AM
    In addition to a BOM line with a negative quantity, you could also look at using a Formula instead of a BOM which can create co-products in addition to the main formula item. 


    Colby Gallagher
    Managed Application Services Manager

  • 4.  RE: Negative BOMs

    Posted Sep 06, 2022 01:12 PM
    Along with the previous posts, Yes you can do a negative quantity BOM if you use a BOM journal rather than a Production order. In addition, if your actual scenario is something like Disassembly, where you want to take something that is whole and put the parts into inventory, this can be setup as a Planning item with Process manufacturing. Colby's links to Formulas and coproducts highlight some of that functionality.

    Andrew Lencsak
    Director of Delivery
    ArganoArbela (Arbela Technologies)
    Nashua NH

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