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Make to order and picking in WHS

  • 1.  Make to order and picking in WHS

    Posted Oct 27, 2022 08:58 AM

    We don't know how to manage goods in the warehouse, when they are packaged for a specific sales order.  Do you also face this issue and how do you cope with sales order picking?

    We make to order: production orders are linked to a specific sales order line.  Packaging and labeling is done just after the production process.

    When production is finished, we store the goods until they are picked for shipping.  But the goods being "anonymous", they are not targeted by the picking work.

    Do you know of a way to tell the system "this has been produced towards a specific sales order.  When picking for this sales order, come and pick them and not just any item with the same item number".

    If you do, I'd be super grateful for you to explain the steps you follow in the production process (or is it on the sales order? Or both?).

    Many thanks!

    Alexandra Cadet

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