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How to code Misc floor stock items not ideal for finish flushing

  • 1.  How to code Misc floor stock items not ideal for finish flushing

    Posted Nov 16, 2022 05:36 PM

    Hello - I appreciate all input.

    Pre-D365: Floor stock are items kept on hand in the main whs; when needed they get issued out of stock and sent to the floor.  We would see them on-hand in the main whs only.  We would enter a 'misc issue' to deplete inventory.

    Most of our components have finish flushing.

    Floor stock items are usually difficult to cycle count (small, light pieces of foam), some have a qty per of less than one such as solder, pails of gear grease and foil which makes them difficult to backflush/finish flush.  Floor stock items are also boxes and inserts that get re-used and shop supplies such as blank labels or tape. 

    Some floor stock items are on a BOM so the production floor knows what they need, the qty per, and also for costing.  We want the item to have a part # (and drawing).  Prefer to keep the on-hand in whs so the Buyer can use a min/max item coverage for replenishment. 

    D365 wants to reserve the qty needed for a production order causing whs to also keep a qty in the input location on the floor.  We would prefer the input location not show an on-hand qty for floor stock items.  Also, if we are able to enter a 'misc issue' or 'inventory adjustment out' it would be great if it didn't show in D365 as a cycle count adjustment.

    How do other companies handle/code these types of components?

    Bonnie Walker
    Wahl Clipper Corporation
    Sterling IL

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