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  • Hello, For year end 2018 we had an issue with our 1099 forms. We were directed to purchase any 1099 form online that had 2 different Vendors on each page and a separate page for each copy. We purchased some generic 1099 forms online. Our issue was that ...

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    RE: Summit Meetup!

    So today at lunch, correct? Can't wait to meet you all!! ------------------------------ Wendy Wingfield JL Audio, Inc. Miramar FL ------------------------------

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    RE: Summit Meetup!

    Hi Evan, What day is this set up for? Thanks, Marie Walters​ ------------------------------ Marie Walters GSP Marketing Technologies ------------------------------

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    Summit Meetup!

    To everyone that is interested in meeting up at Summit. @Angel Lara will be there to help drive discussion answer any questions what joining the leadership team will look like! I have attached a map of where the discussion will take place in the Expo/meal ...

  • Darn, I can't make it. @Wendy Wingfield I have tools to facilitate virtual meeting ​ and I can host at centrally located Tower Club Fort Lauderdale as an option. I'm in South Florida- northeast Broward. ------------------------------ Christine Speedy ...

  • Please include me in the invite as well. I'm very interested! ------------------------------ Chrissy Waggoner Functional Architect Boca Digital Engineering, Kroger Boca Raton FL ------------------------------

  • I'm in! Get Outlook for iOS ------Original Message------ I would love to join as well. ------------------------------ Katrina Breedlove Systems Analyst Seminole Electric Cooperative FL ------------------------------

  • I would love to join as well. ------------------------------ Katrina Breedlove Systems Analyst Seminole Electric Cooperative FL ------------------------------

  • Welcome!

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