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  • We are opening up the proverbial user group doors for a return to networking. Join us, will you? Sponsored by Demand Base, DUG, Innovia, Ellipse Solutions We will have DemandBase on hand to help sort out contact data and information. Powerful stuff! ...

  • The D365 Community is starting to awaken around the world. Stay tuned to here in Colorado for an upcoming meeting! IN the meantime, if you happen to be in OH this week... Are you all ready for a big March? There is a fun in-person networking happy ...

  • 2022 is bringing about a flurry of in-person and hybrid meeting activity in the Dynamics space across the world. Currently, I am just focused on making some magic happen here in Colorado. Ping me, shout out, email, call, knock, knock, knickety-knock... ...

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  • Hi Everyone, Whip Mix has a unique opportunity for someone with exceptional AX/D365 experience. We're looking for someone that can specialize in the intricacies of how AX & D365 work, train end users, help setup new modules, and contribute to continuously ...

  • That sound you hear is a heartbeat. It is the sound of life breathing back into the Microsoft Dynamics community in Colorado! I am very interested in getting the old gang back together, heck even a new gang together. Microsoft Dynamics is chugging along ...

  • It was like stepping out of the woods after all of these Covid restrictions and we were happy to connect on AXUG to meet virtually. We appreciate and great thanks to Chris Huntingford , Microsoft and Mike Burt, Arbela for their ...

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  • We are less than a week away and we miss you! We need to see your face before year end so that we can enjoy the holidays and go in to 2021 feeling like the user group is rollin'! We hope you will join us and @Michael Burt and @Chris Huntingford ​​for ...

  • Thank you Dan! If anybody wants to review some of the impressive capabilities Dan walked us through in this week's meeting, the slides from his presentation can be found here: ...

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  • Meeting Notes: D365UG FO Regional Colorado Chapter Meeting - JULY 29

    Hi All,

    Many thanks to our presenters in this month's meeting: Dan Fite from Bluestar PLM and our very own Lindsay Garcia from Dynamics Strategy.  I think those of us who aren't totally familiar with our engineering teams got some good info from Dan's talk, and hopefully those of you who are trying to prepare for a D365F upgrade got some ideas out of Lindsay's and my presentation on upgrades.

    I would also like to thank the group for some good ideas in our discussion on future meeting content at the end of the meeting.

    If anybody would like to review Dan's deck on Bluestar's capabilities, his presentation can be found here.  The presentation Lindsay and I gave can be found here as well.

    We're targeting another meeting in September; if you have something you'd like to present or see presented in the meeting, please reach out to me, or even better, start a conversation on our community site!  These meetings are very flexible to what's important for the community.

    See you all again in September!
  • AXUG Regional Colorado Chapter Meeting - JULY 29

    Hi all, we've got another virtual meeting coming up this month - I hope you can make it!  We'll have two presentations this month:

    - Engineering in ERP, presented by Dan Fite with Bluestar PLM, one of our UG sponsors
    - A quick "crash course" on AX-to-D365F upgrades with lessons learned over 20+ upgrades, presented by Lindsay Garcia and Ian Jensen

    I also left some room at the end of the meeting for our group to discuss this new meeting format, future meeting topics, and anything else that seems relevant.

    Please register here if you are interested in attending.  We hope to see you there!

Please let us know how it went and how we can make future meetings even better. Complete a quick meeting survey today. 


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