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  • 1.  Is There a Way to Ignore Past Due Demand in Master Planning?

    Posted Apr 14, 2022 04:56 PM
    We are on an older version of AX (2012 r2).  We have added a column to the Sales Line table that allows us to control the "release" of the SO demand to our product departments, most of our products are made or purchased to order.  Our product departments won't process the SO unless is has a current requested ship date, so with all that said AX Master Planning doesn't know about our added release field.  Master planning is only partially updating coverage because of lack of capacity due to all the past due demand.  I would like MP to ignore the past due SO lines.  Is there a parameter on the coverage group that would allow me to ignore this past due demand?

    Bob Ellenbecker
    LaForce, Inc

  • 2.  RE: Is There a Way to Ignore Past Due Demand in Master Planning?

    Posted Sep 29, 2022 05:58 PM
    Hi Bob, if you ignore the past due demand, how do you plan to fulfill it? Master planning will continue to be partial updates unless supply catches up with demand and you fix your capacity issues. Time fences and other parameters would not allow you to disable or ignore past due demand, you would have to do something like change the lines/orders to a dummy warehouse so they are segregated from new orders. Is it just that you don't want any orders to hit Master planning until that new field is populated? Is it possible or feasible to change the business process to keep the Sales order in a journal status until someone populates that date and it is ready to drive planning?

    Andrew Lencsak
    Director of Delivery
    ArganoArbela (Arbela Technologies)
    Nashua NH

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