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Topic: WMS Raw material picking from Buffer and Picking locations 

1.  WMS Raw material picking from Buffer and Picking locations

Posted 10-11-2017 02:41 AM
Raw material is picked to production order from locations with license plate and with order picking setting on item (not LP staging). Most items are batch and we can't replenish pick location before it's empty to avoid mixing of batches.

Items are in picking locations and in a nearby buffer locations. Work is released requiring full reservation. The onhand is in both buffer and pick locations. If the locations directives are allowing use of the buffer locations we can get work with these locations when onhand is not enough in the picking location. When this happens the users can't move a LP from buffer to pick location until there's no work left using the buffer location. If the user tries to move the LP only the qty not on work is suggested to be moved and the user is prompted to enter new LP. Very unpractical as the user can't see if there's work on the buffer location.

The alternative seems to be to not allow work on the buffer location and to get a failure at release OR to allow locations directives failures and to get blank location on the work. None of these alternatives are very practical. Any ideas or input welcome!

MS will deliver  a solution where RM work can be updated in the future, but what to do short term?

Björn Persson
Business Analyst/ERP specialist

2.  RE: WMS Raw material picking from Buffer and Picking locations

Posted 10-12-2017 11:55 AM
​Hi Bjorn,
I have a couple of questions. Can you pick from 2 different batches for one job?
Have you played around with demand replenishment for raw material picking? There is a hot batch KB 4015472 that was released in May/June for raw material demand replenishment.

Sarah Gabriel
Assistant Inventory Manager
Kai USA Ltd
Tualatin OR