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Purchase Order transfer between interCo

  • 1.  Purchase Order transfer between interCo

    Posted Apr 15, 2019 07:58 PM
    Hi All

    Recently I came up with this requirement from our client, to transfer PO from one Company to another. As per my understanding since PO is the contractual document from a company to vendor so in AX there is no any option to move from PO from one company to another.

    Anyone want to give a feed back or please advise is it possible

    Thanks and kind regards

    Nazim Lalji
    Dynamics AX Analyst


  • 2.  RE: Purchase Order transfer between interCo

    Posted Apr 16, 2019 03:41 AM
    Hi Nazim

    I'm not sure I fully understand the requirement or the scenario behind the requirement, please can you elaborate as I might be able to provide a better response. If this is simply to correct something raised in error surely they should be so few and far between that recapturing is not a major heartache, if this is happening more frequently then maybe it would be better to do something that reduces the possibility?

    Out of the box, the ability to transfer a PO is not available and you can't even create a new PO in the other entity and then copy the lines from the PO in the original entity.


    David Scattergood
    P2 Dynamics Solutions Ltd

  • 3.  RE: Purchase Order transfer between interCo

    Posted Apr 17, 2019 04:20 PM
    Edited by Nazim Lalji Apr 17, 2019 04:19 PM
    HI David
    Its kind of once in while, however when users know its fixable it will happen more :)

    PR for Company A however later realize its expense for Co B, and shouldnt be through CO A. To transfer PO from CO A to CO B, so expense and vendor can be booked in CO B and vendor can be paid by CO B

    Purchase orders are in both stages: Approved and confirmed.

    There is a workflow at PR  level, after all the approval workflow completed and it create PO

    Thats the scenario what you suggest

    Thanks and kind regards

    Nazim Lalji
    Dynamics AX Analyst


  • 4.  RE: Purchase Order transfer between interCo

    Posted Apr 22, 2019 07:12 AM
       Can you please state what version of AX you are using?
    This should be noted in all discussions.

    Once a requisition has been submitted, fully approved, and converted to purchase order the entity (company) that was selected during the create state is locked.

    We're currently on 2012 R3 and the ability to change this would have to be done prior to submitting for approval.


    Ted Jillett
    Business Systems Analyst, Manufacturing AX
    Insulet Corporation
    Acton MA

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