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  • 1.  Warehouse disable in Dynamics D365

    Posted Aug 19, 2021 05:24 AM
    Hi All,

    How can disable warehouse in D365 for further any transactions?
    Currently stock is zero in the Warehouse we don't want to use that warehouse anymore.


    Abrar Ahamed
    Arla Foods - Saudi Arabia

  • 2.  RE: Warehouse disable in Dynamics D365

    Posted Aug 24, 2021 11:49 AM
    There's not really an active/inactive flag on the warehouse.  There are some things you can do with the site, and it looks like you might be able to change the site on an existing warehouse.  If you do that, there are some things you can do if you create a site called "Inactive" and change the warehouse to belong to that site:
    • If you are linking the site to a financial dimension, you can specify a value of the financial dimension that is not allowed for any of the inventory accounts.  It won't stop someone from using the warehouse in a new order, but it will stop them from transacting on that new order.  
    • You can create site-specific order settings for the Inactive site, probably using a data entity to load the values,  The critical setup would be to define the item as stopped in that site for sales, purchasing and inventory.  You'll have to load new order settings for each new item you add, so there's a lot of maintenance with this approach.  It will stop the creation of all orders and transactions in the site, which includes your inactivated warehouse. 
    You should not do any of this without testing.  As part of the test, you should run the consistency check for your inventory and warehouse modules.  I've never changed the site on a warehouse before, and it would be good to know that the consistency check does not consider that to be a problem.  

    Kevin McLean
    Strategic Solutions NW
    Beaverton OR

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