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Topic: Recording from Today's Chat with Sri and Kees 

1.  Recording from Today's Chat with Sri and Kees

Posted 05-31-2017 01:13 PM
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Hello All,

In case you missed it or want to revisit our great chat with Sri and Kees, please find the recording attached.  As well, the summary of the list of concerns/questions that were presented and they covered (as it came from you all directly) is listed below:

Current questions:

  • Of course expected in the roadmap presentation: what will the roadmap for D365 on-prem look like? Which 'guarantees' does it include?
  • Microsoft stated that D365 on-prem core will remain to be maintained and developed. What does that exactly mean? Will there at all be product development on the core of D365 or will all shift to apps? Is there a roadmap of to be expected core developments?
  • What will be the license model related to D365 on-prem? What impact will this license model have on current (BRL) AX2012 licenses and connected software assurance. Will there be a transition or discount related to current license value?
  • This topic, for us, determines a large part of the business case regarding a possible upgrade to D365 on-prem. We invested a lot in current BRL licenses, also need to grow on current AX2012 before upgrading. Will that still be a useful investment? Also, normally active SA on your current version allows you to upgrade 'for free', will that principle remain the same in case of an upgrade from AX2012 to D365 on-prem? But what if SA will disappear in the new licensing model, what about the investment in SA and license value?
  • What will be the exact system requirements for the different D365 on-prem components?
  • As we are still on 2009, we need to know how upgrading our licenses would work from the older licensing model that we have
  • we are interested in the license path for upgrading from 2009
  • Cost - still waiting for details for on-premise. What is the cost to upgrade if fully licensed for 2012
  • Patching - we want to be able to decide when patches are applied. Once we reach a stable system we need it to stay stable. Even once a year is too often for some of our business units.
  • Ownership/ITAR - we have concerns about who has access to data and who can change
  • Management/Audit - we need access to our production system to demonstrate to auditors the controls on the system. There are also times when issues happen in the system that we need to see the actual data. 
  • Multi-company - we have been told that on-premise is single company only, we need multi-company capability.
  • Multiple Company on prem is a big deal for enterprise level instances
  • Environments is also a major player, have a way to "Copy Down" to refresh test or dev
          environments or a GO-Live UAT environment
  • Really interested in what happens with Integrations and how will that be handled and what cost
        are associated
  • same concerns as everyone else over security and the auditing that we face yearly  

Great call everyone!  Thank you for being a part of it!

Heather Williams, AXUG
Salisbury, MD
Twitter: @dci_heather

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2.  RE: Recording from Today's Chat with Sri and Kees

Posted 06-06-2017 12:05 PM

Hi Heather,


Thanks for sharing.

I can't open it though – the "processing" circle keeps turning .

Thanks for checking,