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  • 1.  Costprice fluctuations

    Posted Oct 05, 2020 08:35 PM
    we're currently running AX2012 R3CU10 with weighted average turned on.
    We've seen some big quantities coming through and therefore these fluctuations stands out.
    I'm a little at a loss where these originates from and would like to see if someone in here have an idea?


    First transaction after inventory closure the cost price for the sales order picked up a cost price different from the closing cost price.

    How does that make sense?


    After I did inventory closure last month end it calculated a proper cost price.

    We had a couple of purchase order received which calculated ok.

    We then did a Quarantine transaction where we use the scanner and moved the item from it's location into damaged/blocking location.

    I'm not sure what happened there but it seems that it grabbed a cost price out of the blue $126.60.

    When they do these transaction on the scanner, they don't enter any cost price, do you know where AX calculates the cost price from?

    And once calculated it seems to keep that cost price on future sales orders as well, as you can see below, how can that be?

    Once month end runs this will rectify but in the mean time the system reports margins all wrong. Which is a huge issue.

    Soren Normann Rasmussen
    SSS Australia

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