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May 2020 Chapter Meeting Notes, Follow-up Questions For the Group

  • 1.  May 2020 Chapter Meeting Notes, Follow-up Questions For the Group

    Posted May 22, 2020 07:20 PM
    Hi all,

    I am happy to report that our virtual chapter meeting went relatively smoothly, and we got some terrific insight from our presenters to boot!  Thanks again to @Bobby Small for his presentation on some of the innovations he and his crew at Ouray Sportswear were able to apply to their AX 2009 system to keep it firing on all pistons all the way through 2020.  We also got an excellent presentation from @Kyle McNerney and ​​​@Steve Gary​ at EnVista on some of the industry trends they're seeing in response to the COVID-19 economy.  If you'd like to review their ​presentation, I've uploaded the deck to our community library here.

    Looking ahead, we'll likely hold another meeting (virtual, or at least with a virtual element) sometime in July.  Some of the discussion topics that folks brought up in this month's meeting were:

    • Member experiences with different EDI solutions
    • Member experiences with Power Platform
    • Member experiences with RSAT
    • Focus recap/highlights
    • D365F update styles/cadences
    • Logic Apps, Power Automate (The Artist Formerly Known as Flow)

    We had some volunteers to present some of these topics at the July meeting, but if you would be interested in presenting on any of these topics, or you have a different topic that you'd like to present to the group, please respond here or you can message me privately at .

    See you all in July!

    Ian Jensen
    ERP Technical Manager
    Denver CO

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