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    Posted Jul 19, 2019 03:26 PM
    We are currently on D365 (cloud) version 10.0.01 and we are both a toll facility and we sell our own products.  We have run into many issues with Purchase Agreements for buying our ingredients from a vendor.  Was hoping to find anyone who has any solutions to help with these.

    Our first issue is when we have multiple Purchase Agreements active for the same vendor/item combination, the purchase order always uses the lowest price.  Is there a way to have it fulfill the older agreement before starting the newer one?  We are looking to make these set and forget but the only solution I have found so far is to not activate the new one until the old is fulfilled.  But with no warnings from D365 as to fulfillment or nearing fulfillment we would have to constantly monitor these.

    Next issue which would help with the others but I believe it is still not possible.   Is there a way to use different Purchase Agreements for different lines on the same Purchase Order?  Last I read, database schema would not allow this.

    Lastly, we have our toll vendor which requires fulfillment to not go over quantities so we use Max Enforced.  But this creates issues where a planned order would require multiple Purchase Agreements when firmed.  But because of the max enforced, it will ignore the oldest even though there is quantity remaining and if we have not activated newer one it will default to default price. Has anyone had success in building out something to split a planned order when firmed to fulfill a Purchase Agreement on one line and split the remainder onto a second line?

    Thanks in advance.

    John Bergman
    The Mennel Milling Company
    Fostoria OH
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