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1.  Customer Invoice not available

Posted 10 days ago

While applying the payment to Customer open invoice, system keep giving the message "Invoice not available for payment" Although its reflecting as open invoice and in the past payments were made to same Customer and it worked, with same set up its not working now

please advise

thanks and best regards

Nazim Lalji


2.  RE: Customer Invoice not available

Posted 10 days ago
​Hi Nazim,
Can you compare the invoice where you have the problem with the one that worked previously in the customer transactions form?
Probably some parameters / date settings, such as the due date, the approval parameter, payment release date, etc. prevent you from selecting it.
Best regards,

Ludwig Reinhard

3.  RE: Customer Invoice not available

Posted 9 days ago

This transaction has been marked for settlement by someone else in another journal or the open transaction editing.  To find out where it has been marked, you will need to need to navigate to the Customer "Settle open transactions"  (Customer> Collect> Settle> Settle open transactions).  Then using the Inquiry dropdown in the action bar, select specifications.  Using the radio buttons in the VIEW section until you see the transaction in the lower section.  This lower section will tell you what type of transaction it is located in and the voucher/journal number.

Stacy Black
Senior Application Consultant
Denver CO