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1.  Focus versus Summit Conferences

Posted 03-17-2017 11:28 AM
Can someone describe the differences (or similarities) of these two AXUG conferences?

Darlene Ernstberger
IT Director of Enterprise Applications
Kodak Alaris Inc.
Rochester NY

2.  RE: Focus versus Summit Conferences

Posted 03-17-2017 12:17 PM
Hi Darlene, it's been awhile, hope all is well :) Typically, Focus is much more limited in scope and time. It's a much smaller conference but the sessions are usually very detailed and aimed at specific tracks every year.
This year, the tracks are:

Finance (AP and AR)

Technical (Developer, System Admin and IT)


Supply Chain

Summit is one of the much larger conferences, there will be a significantly higher number of sessions and they will have a wide range of content shown in any type of sessions from high level overviews to deep dives. From my experience with you guys, I personally think you would get much more value from Summit if you were going to limit yourself to one or the other. However, the Focus sessions have been published so you may want to look over the schedule if that helps!
2017 Focus Conference


Andrew Lencsak
Senior Application Consultant
Atlanta GA

3.  RE: Focus versus Summit Conferences

Posted 03-17-2017 12:24 PM
Hi Darlene,

Great question! Those who have attended AXUG Summit know that there are a lot of sessions on a lot of topics and most of them are more introductory or just touch on some of the deep-level content. As AXUG General Manager Heather Williams said, "Our members voiced they were experiencing a gap - they wanted to find that deeper content training needed when working with a product as complex and robust as Dynamics AX." Hence why we introduced our AXUG Focus conference.

Here is a high-level overview of the main differences between the two events:


AXUG Summit

AXUG Focus


Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate



Variety of topics (at Summit 2016, there were 24 tracks)

Four very specific learning tracks: Finance, Technical, Supply Chain Management, Retail


End-Users and Subject Matter Experts

Industry Experts

Presentation Type

Member Showcases, Ask the Experts, How2s

90-Minute Deep-Dives

Your AXUG colleague Jimmy Stewart also summed it up pretty nicely: "Summit provides broad exposure to a wide variety of topics whereas Focus takes a ‘deep-dive’ into a specific area for deeper knowledge of the content. So I guess you could say that Summit is wide, but not deep and Focus is deep, but not wide!"

A similarity between AXUG Focus and AXUG Summit is that both will provide dedicated networking opportunities with your Microsoft Dynamics AX peers who face similar issues on a daily basis and both provide the education needed to bring skills and confidence to a new level.

I hope that above information helps you decide which conference is right for you - perhaps it is both! Let me know if you have any further questions.

AXUG Focus: Focus 2017 | May 8-11 | St. Louis, MO - Focus

AXUG Summit: AXUG Summit | Oct 11-14, 2016 | Tampa, FL - AXUG Summit


Delaney Freer
Community Event Communications Manager
Dynamic Communities
Fargo ND