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August Meeting Wrap-up & SAVE THE DATE - Nov 14 2019

  • 1.  August Meeting Wrap-up & SAVE THE DATE - Nov 14 2019

    Posted Aug 22, 2019 01:05 PM
    We had a very nice collaborative meeting with CRM last week. A HUGE thank you to the team at CRM @carrie kuhl, @Alex Ruiz Garza , @Miranda Bender, and @Erik Guthrie, @Gretchen Ingbretson  and RSM @Danielle Cooke and @Bill Caldwell for hosting in their new, amazing Experience Center.
    Miss @Rachel Profitt and Miss @Brittany Moroney deftly and comedically treated us to some terrific #PowerApps, #Flow, and CE/FO integration demonstrations using Talent for Dynamics. They used CE (Customer Engagement) and FO (Finance and Operations) to prospect, make a sale, and produce the goods. There was an additional demo they provided for the meeting, showing how employee​/customer/partner/vendor on-boarding for your organization can all happen within an online CE deployment.

    RSM also provided some hands on experience with the MS HoloLens to demonstrate Virtual Guides and remote assistance. It was impressive to see this technology take practical shape for an organization.

    @Lindsay Garcia stopped by to share her latest experience deploying and successfully implementing a functional CE/FO integrated environment for major materials retailer, JMP. This real-life experience showed just how dirty and complex an actual implementation is, and what level of commitment and expertise are necessary to be successful.

    Once again The Denver CE and FO chapters would like to pass our additional thanks along to and the entire team at RSM for hosting such a tremendous event. #RSMRocks!!

    On behalf of your chapter leadership team @Mike Perlick we thank you for your participation in this community. We do not exist without your involvement. If you attended this event, please be sure to submit your feedback on this chapter meeting

    Potential Venue: Whip Mix. Mike has offered to show us the exciting world of Dental Equipment Manufacturing.
    Topics suggestions:
    Differences between 2012 and F/O? How do I do?
    More CRM?
    Do you have others?

    We are also excited to start planning a return to New Belgium in the spring or summer

    Finally, if you would like to join me as a leader PLEASE send me an email. I would love to share some of this fun with you. :)

    #CustomerEngagement #FinanceandOperations​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

    Bobby Small
    Vice President of IS
    Ouray Sportswear, LLC
    Littleton CO

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