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D365 Workspace vs Favourite

  • 1.  D365 Workspace vs Favourite

    Posted 6 days ago
    Hi All
    Whats the difference between workspace and Favourite in D365

    Nazim Lalji
    Dynamics AX Analyst


  • 2.  RE: D365 Workspace vs Favourite

    Posted 5 days ago
    favourties work just like they did in AX2012: you make a certain menu entry a "favourite" and it shows up at the top left corner of the screen, available for quick access without having to go through the whole manu.

    Workspaces are work areas, pre-configured out of the box, that brings together existing reports, data entry forms, lists related to one area of functionality, which supposedly would be useful for a user performing certain work function.

    Zvika Rimalt
    Functional Consultant
    Vancouver BC

  • 3.  RE: D365 Workspace vs Favourite

    Posted 4 days ago

    With workspace you can group a number of different Elements (Favorites) and decide on Presentation Eg. Tile, List, Link.  So for me by creating a Workspace and adding all of the different Elements I need to do, some as Tiles with counter on, List for the task I monitor daily, and Links for task I do once in a while.


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