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Display Department or Cost Center or Branch from Dimension

  • 1.  Display Department or Cost Center or Branch from Dimension

    Posted Mar 11, 2019 06:02 AM
    Hi all,

    How to display Department or Cost Center or Branch from table DimensionAttributeValueCombination ?
    While I only have Default Dimension instead of Ledger Dimension for the key.

    So far in my knowledge, Default Dimension is using table DimensionAttributeValueSet instead of DimensionAttributeValueCombination.
    But then again, as I need it in Power BI, and in my AOT already have Data Entity "DimensionCombinationEntity", I feel like I have to use that, only now it only connect to Main Account  / Account structure.

    Any help on this ?


    Morgan Fields
    Hunter Douglas

  • 2.  RE: Display Department or Cost Center or Branch from Dimension

    Posted Mar 12, 2019 02:12 PM
    Here at Dynamics Resources we specialize in Dynamics 365, all versions of AX, and CRM. I ran your question by one of my experts.

    Please check this documentation and tell me if it helps you.

    Modifying the DimensionCombinationEntity has been greatly simplified with the release of the Add financial dimensions for OData Addin in Visual Studio.

    1. In Microsoft Visual Studio, click Dynamics 365 > Addins > Add financial dimensions for Odata.

    2. Type the name of the Financial dimension in the Dimension name column. This should be the exact name of the financial dimension. Select the Model that has your extensions. It should be above the AppSuite layer. Click Apply.


    Michael Gonzalez
    Account Executive
    Dynamics Resources
    Venon Hills IL

  • 3.  RE: Display Department or Cost Center or Branch from Dimension

    Posted Mar 13, 2019 10:32 PM
    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for doing this.
    After reading, one thing interest me is this statement :

    "This topic shows how to modify DimensionCombinationEntity to enable the dimensions in columns for Excel. The same steps can be used to modify the DimensionSet entity."

    It come to the foremost important information that still confuse me until now are:
    1. Are we still need to have these 2 Dimension apart ? DimensionCombinationEntity and DimensionSetEntity
    2. Is that correct in my understanding, only posted transaction (posted by means any Ledger action such as posting invoice) put in DimensionCombination, and they also using LedgerDimension field in their transactions table to connect to this entity.
    3. Related to no.2, All unposted are in DimensionSet, and DefaultDimension field to connect. Is there a way to relate this field DefaultDimension and LedgerDimension.

    My main purpose is I want to use only 1 table or entity instead these 2. So I can see my Dimension value provided it is Posted or Unposted.


    Morgan Fields
    Hunter Douglas

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