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Voucher in use error

  • 1.  Voucher in use error

    Posted Jun 05, 2019 11:45 AM
    Has anyone else encountered this error? We normally see this happen during times when several users are uploading entries from Atlas to AX around the same time. This typically will occur around month end when there is a high volume of entries being uploaded. We are having trouble determining if the issue is caused by AX or Atlas. We currently have a work around by bumping our number sequence up one number, but in order for this to work users have to delete journals and re-upload. If anyone has any insight that they could share it would be greatly appreciated!

    Nate Tudor
    Texas Roadhouse
    Louisville KY

  • 2.  RE: Voucher in use error

    Posted Jun 08, 2019 09:38 AM
    Hello Nate,

    Have you tried enabling the temporary voucher functionality? When this is enabled, a temporary voucher is created at the time of data entry. The temporary voucher number is then replaced with intended/assigned voucher sequence at the time of posting.

    I strongly encourage you to try this out in a test environment to thoroughly validate this proposed solution.

    There are two steps to using this feature:
    1. Navigate to General ledger/Setup/General ledger. On the General Ledger parameters form, go to the Number sequences tab and establish or verify a Temporary voucher number sequence.

    2. Navigate to General ledger/Setup/Journal names. Locate the journal that is producing the error. Enable the setting for Number allocation at posting.

    Also, keep in mind that changes such as this could impact any integrations or other imports using the same journal name from step #2. Be sure to review these changes with other team members as well as engaging others in the testing efforts.

    ​I hope this helps you out!    #UnifiedOperations  #AX2012​​​

    Tammy Plowman - Marshalltown, IA
    Principal Consultant
    Stoneridge Software


  • 3.  RE: Voucher in use error

    Posted Jun 11, 2019 09:43 AM
    Hi Nate,

    I do concur with Tammy. I had posted a blog in the past about this temporary voucher feature with some additional hints and insights: https://dynamicspedia.com/2017/12/temporary-voucher-functionality-dynamics-365/

    You can also check if there is another number sequence used for vouchers which has the same prefix ('MISC-'). Then it might be caused by a certain number sequence setup.

    kind regards,

    André Arnaud de Calavon
    Solution Architect, Microsoft MVP - Microsoft Dynamics Business Solutions

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