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Payment due dates populating incorrectly

  • 1.  Payment due dates populating incorrectly

    Posted Oct 31, 2019 07:54 AM
    Good Day,

    We have picked up a query with regards to the Invoice due dates on the vendor accounts (AP Invoices).

    If we navigate to Accounts Payable - Common- Vendors - All vendors
    Select the relevant vendor and select transactions.

    What we are seeing is the Due dates have populated incorrectly.  This table reflects as the VendTrans.DueDate.  This is a 60 day account whereby the transaction date is the 9th of October 2019 and the due date has been calculated as the 31st of October 2019.
    If we navigate to Accounts payable - Enquiries - Journals - Invoice journal the date is calculated correctly as the 31st of December 2019.  This table reference is VendInvoiceJour.

    What could cause the incorrect due dates to populate in the vend trans table.

    Your input would be greatly appreciated.

    Erica Burns
    AX Consultant
    Omnia Group (PTY) LTD

  • 2.  RE: Payment due dates populating incorrectly

    Posted Nov 14, 2019 03:16 AM
    Hi Erica,

    I noticed this question was still unanswered. Initially, the due date should be inherited from the invoice. However, it is possible to agree another date with the vendor and then change it on the vendor transaction. This will be used for the payment proposals where the original posted document (invoice) will not be changed. In that case, you can have a situation like you described.

    kind regards,

    André Arnaud de Calavon
    Solution Architect, Microsoft MVP - Microsoft Dynamics Business Solutions


  • 3.  RE: Payment due dates populating incorrectly

    Posted Nov 14, 2019 06:46 AM



    Thank you for the response. 


    To date, we have not been able to replicate this issue by creating a payment proposal. 


    We surmise that this is user's changing the dates. 


    Our developer is also investigating this issue. 


    Kind Regards,

    Erica Burns

    AX Support


    Omnia Group (Pty) Ltd


    T:         +27 11 799 6278

    E:         erica.burns@omnia.co.za

    Web:    http://www.omnia.co.za/





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