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Customer Notes in Aged Balances

  • 1.  Customer Notes in Aged Balances

    Posted 27 days ago
    In Aged Balances, under all activities we are able to type Action Items or Events or Tasks, but our company uses the action items and we type our notes here when we communicate with our customers regarding balances due, or anything having to do with their accounts. One of the issues we have noticed in  365 that we did not have an issue with in 2012 was keeping the notes visible at all times when coming into the collections screen

    as an example when i first come into the screen the page looks like this...

    then i have to open all of these buttons and then the page looks like this...

    we are wondering if anyone has figured out a way to make it so the page is always open when you come into the screen so you always see the notes... I don't think my screen shots worked very well, but any of the credit managers out there should know what i am talking about...

    Any idea's or help is appreciated. Thanks in Advance!!!

    Mara Taylor
    Credit Manager
    Kent Sporting Goods Company, Inc.
    Snoqualmie WA

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