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Quick Filter and Updating of Totals in a Form

  • 1.  Quick Filter and Updating of Totals in a Form

    Posted 15 days ago
    I have created a vendor history form that allows the user to enter parameters-  date range, vendor #, purchase order number.  The form then displays a form that returns a list and a total amount  at the top of the form  This works great.

    When  they enter only the date range without the other parameters, the form content displays correctly along with the correct total.  If they then do a quick filter for a specific vendor, the forms filters correctly but the total does not update.

    How do I get the totals to recalculate?   I have another form where I have the same issue.  Suggestions on how to get totals to show correctly would be appreciated.

    Patricia Allen
    County Auditor
    Walker County Texas
    Huntsville TX

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