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Mass cancellation of Purchase Orders

  • 1.  Mass cancellation of Purchase Orders

    Posted Nov 19, 2019 09:21 AM
    Hi all,

    we are running Dynamics AX2012 R3 and we have a lot of purchase orders (from 2012 to 2015) that have been approved and confirm.
    They have not been delivered and we want to cancel them.
    It's too tedious to cancel them one by one.
    Is there a way to have bulk / batch cancellation of these PO?
    in the future, can is there a setup to cancel PO not delivered after a certain time?



  • 2.  RE: Mass cancellation of Purchase Orders

    Posted Nov 20, 2019 09:08 AM
    I would also be interested to know if this functionality is available in D365FO.

    JoAnne Weathers
    Applications Manager
    AAA Cooper Transportation
    Dothan AL

  • 3.  RE: Mass cancellation of Purchase Orders

    Posted Nov 20, 2019 09:43 AM
    @JoAnne Weathers - I have not done this in D365, but this reference may help you with cleaning up delivery remainders on POs: http://www.atomicax.com/article/clean-purchase-lines-bulk

    @Serge Yao - I am working on a project now to mass cancel POs in R3, if you do not find any answers while I am actively working on this, I can circle back with you once completed to share some insight.

    My only recommendation is to run a few SQL queries to confirm none of these POs are partially delivered. If they are, you need to consider your costing method and confirm the best way to back out the product receipts.

    Ian Gorman, PMP, MCSE
    Senior Consultant

  • 4.  RE: Mass cancellation of Purchase Orders

    Posted Nov 20, 2019 09:56 AM


    We have checked and removed the one partially received. The focus is on the one not yet received.



    Best regards,




  • 5.  RE: Mass cancellation of Purchase Orders

    Posted Nov 20, 2019 07:08 PM
    I dont think any set up exist in standard for cancelling PO after certain time if they are not delivered. You can create you own customize process , for example, batch job process which looks for all PO's which are fully open  and cancel those.

    Sukrut Parab
    Hitachi Solutions America, Ltd.

  • 6.  RE: Mass cancellation of Purchase Orders

    Posted Nov 22, 2019 07:49 AM
    There is no mass cancellation feature in standard. You should review the process with buyers and receivers about how and why certain quantities should be cancelled. One option  that may help limit the amount of small quantities remaining open is when you post a Product receipt on a PO, you can select the "Close" checkbox on the PO line which will attempt to cancel any quantity of that line  that you are not receiving. Many of my clients (and myself when I was an end user) use that regularly to cancel small remainders that we do not want or expect the vendor to ship when we receive their goods.

    Andrew Lencsak
    Solution Architect
    DXC Technology

  • 7.  RE: Mass cancellation of Purchase Orders

    Posted Dec 04, 2019 03:01 PM
    Hi Serge,

    We have the same issue and I raised the question at the Medic booth at last user summit in Orlando. I received confirmation that there is no out-of-the-box functionality but learned that it's fairly easy to address via code, and the code was written and published on Github - see below. (Thank you, Nathan!)

    He put the code here: https://github.com/NathanClouseAX/AAXPOCloseHelper and also wrote a short walkthrough for the functionality here: http://www.atomicax.com/article/clean-purchase-lines-bulk.

    I work for a retail company so we're very busy at the moment (and have a code freeze) but will look at this after the holidays.

    Beth Zapadka
    ERP Functional Expert
    Glentel Inc.

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