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Posting Vendor Refunds to Supplier Accounts

  • 1.  Posting Vendor Refunds to Supplier Accounts

    Posted Mar 08, 2022 03:57 PM
    How does your company handle vendor refund payments so that they post directly against a supplier account? 

    Scenario Example: A vendor has a credit in D365 F&O for $10,000 (overpayment). No invoices will pay out from D365 F&O until the credit is consumed as new invoices are deducted from the credit amount. Over time, the vendor will ask why our company is not paying invoices because they are not aware of the fact that the invoices are being deducted from the vendor credit. At some point, our accounting manager may get a check from the vendor and deposit it. There is nothing in the system that identifies that the check has been deposited and there is nothing to settle against in the system. 

    To explain further: If an overpayment is issues to a vendor in D365 F&O, we currently enter a credit against the vendor record in D365 F&O. Our current process is as follows:
    • Wait until the credit is fully consumed by incoming invoices
    • If the vendor sends a check for the credit, we cancel the credit in D365 F&O
    We currently do not know how to enter the check that the vendor sent to offset the credit that shows in D365 F&O. There is no way for us to document the check in the system.

    Stephen Kieper
    Business Analyst
    Medxcel Facilities Management
    Indianapolis IN

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