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Literature packing inserts

  • 1.  Literature packing inserts

    Posted Jun 03, 2019 02:18 PM
    We are trying to determine the best method to supply custom instructions and other literature inserts for individual sales orders. Currently, when a sales order is taken for an off-the-shelf item that needs assembly instructions or something similar, the warehouse takes a pre-printed copy from a stack during the packing process and puts it in the box.  This is manual, hard to keep track of and not a modern solution. Making items pre-assembled to already contain the lit is not an option. Best possible scenario is we would like to have the instructions print out along with the packing slip.  Does anyone else do something similar?  I would be interested to know how you approach or a method you are employing that works well.
    Thank you for your insights!
    Best Regards

    Janine Breton
    Business and Reporting Analyst
    America's Gardening Resource
    Burlington VT

  • 2.  RE: Literature packing inserts

    Posted Jun 03, 2019 04:32 PM
    Edited by Mark Prouty Jun 03, 2019 04:36 PM
    We have documents we print with packslips​ such as supplier warranty request datasheet, product assembly instructions, and RMA return documents. There are a couple of options: one is to pre-program a part of the form (RMA returns), another is to reference a type of document from the document handler (these have to be pdfs). A third is to setup the process for product pickers and ignore the computer (as you mentioned). I'm sure there are other methods others do. (We're in AX 2009).

    The basic process is to create a doc handler document file type. The name of the doc type coded into the packslip print routine. When the pack slip prints and the item(s) exist in the pack slip lines and also have a doc type of "x", then a pdf print routine is called and prints the pdf to whatever printer the pack slip is printed to. I set it up so that you can have as many documents as you want and if multiple items share a document, you don't get duplicates, as long as they are added to doc handler appropriately.
    Hats off to Palle Agermark:  http://www.agermark.com/2008/01/print-pdf-files-from-ax-to-specific.html.

    One of the problems with this approach is that the PDF print is not associated with the packslip. If you have multiple users printing to same printer, it's possible that print jobs become intermingled.
    Another is if you need different print media (pack slip is 8.5x11, Assy inst are 11x17), you probably have to define your printers for specific media use. That can be more complicated.

    Mark Prouty
    Programmer / Analyst
    ANGI Energy Systems
    Janesville WI

  • 3.  RE: Literature packing inserts

    Posted Jun 04, 2019 08:44 AM
    Edited by Colby Gallagher Jun 04, 2019 08:44 AM

    Hi Janine,

    If you don't want to go a mod route, you could hijack the Product Safety Data sheet process. It can be configured to print the PSDS at packing slip creation and/or sales agents can be alerted to send a PSDS to the customer when the sales line is keyed.  The PSDS could really be any document(s) you wanted, you just need to get something Item specific printed out. Note there would be some overhead for this process, you have to have the Process Distribution -> Product Compliance config key enabled, you'll need to configure the Inventory Mgmt Parms -> Product Compliance tab and you'll need to set your products up as "Regulated" to get the PSDS to print at packing slip generation.

    Here's some older documentation from MSFT: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/axmfg/2012/08/11/managing-compliance-with-process-manufacturing-in-dynamics-ax2012/

    Colby Gallagher
    Manufacturing Systems Consultant
    Agility Business Solutions
    Brecksville OH

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