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Pricing: Possible to use Trade Agreements and Retail Pricing Engine?

  • 1.  Pricing: Possible to use Trade Agreements and Retail Pricing Engine?

    Posted Apr 11, 2019 03:15 PM
    Does anyone definitively know if the retail pricing engine/options can be used in conjunction with the trade agreement functionality?  I am working with a distribution client that does not have a retail presence; however, their customers are retailers, so they will need as much flexibility as possible with pricing to those retailers.  I anticipate standard trade agreements won't be able to give them everything.

    If possible, what functionality in the retail module needs to be enabled?  Any best practices, blogs, or whitepapers out there to get me started on this path?  Thank you.

    #pricing #Retail #tradeagreement

    Kyle Andrich
    Academy - Online Interactive Learning from Experts

  • 2.  RE: Pricing: Possible to use Trade Agreements and Retail Pricing Engine?

    Posted Apr 12, 2019 03:28 AM

    As far as I remember, a combined approach was not recommended by our implementation partner.

    They presented three reasons to go with the retail pricing engine:
    a) Ensure a consistent pricing and discount structure through all sales orders within our company, regardles of order entry (e.g. customer care center vs. e-Commerce, etc.).
    b) Retail pricing and promotions logic offers at least the same pricing and discount logic options as 'standard trade agreement only' logic can offer
    c) Retail promotion logic offers additional options for promotions like value-threshold based promotions and "mix&match" promotions (e.g. buy 2 get 1 free), which trade agreement logic doesn't offer

    In a different thread addressing a similar topic, @Leonardus Smits answered also the following:

    We have had set up all the discounts in trade agreements but have now decided to move to the Retail module for management of the discounts (anticipating our eCommerce initiatives). From what I remember, you cannot have exclude a header discount from line item discounts. You can do it the other way around but Dyn365 will default give "the best price", i.e. the maximum discount, to the customer. We had to built customization to handle it.
    If you feel this is a necessary functionality - which I can imagine - propose it on the idea portal and let this group know what is the idea number. We'll support it.​

    Hope this helps!

    Andreas Mörker
    Global Master Data Manager

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  • 3.  RE: Pricing: Possible to use Trade Agreements and Retail Pricing Engine?

    Posted Apr 12, 2019 04:11 AM
    Trade agreement prices can be used in combination with Retail discounts, but as Kyle says, Trade agreement discounts in combination with Retail discounts can get messy. This is a great write up on the possibilities:


    For the 'definitive' answer, you should test it in your customer's environment. Software only does what it has been tested to do!

    Guy Terry
    Application Consultant

    Academy - Online Interactive Learning from Experts

  • 4.  RE: Pricing: Possible to use Trade Agreements and Retail Pricing Engine?

    Posted Apr 12, 2019 08:47 AM
    Hello Kyle,

    You should also consider only using the retail pricing and discounts without trade agreements. I would say you can do anything that you can do with trade agreements with retail discounts. There are some additional things you have to setup. I don't think you have to enable anything but you have to setup a call center (which would be practically a giant store that sells everything that you have), retail channels, and product categories.
    Below link is a pretty good one that covers pricing and discount.


    You should first look at this and see if the it contains the pricing and discounts you need. Then you can follow the call center setup and try out your scenarios. With this, you can also use gift cards, loyalty programs, etc.


    I hope this helps. We provide D365 FO and retail online training in case if you or your customer has any needs in that area.

    Elif Item
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