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  • 1.  Address Errors

    Posted Jul 30, 2021 02:34 PM
    Hello UG Community!  I am hoping you could help, we are currently upgrading from AX 2012 R1 and moving to D365.  We are testing foreign orders shipping to our customers and are encountering many errors.  I have verified the set ups match our 2012 environment.  See below scenarios.

    Shipping to Mexico

    Address set up looks like below.

     Error when trying to process shipment is 'Address is invalid for order SO-802258 of type Sales order.

    I then made state or province not active as most addresses did not have a state and then I get an error stating that   County is required. 

    Shipping to Malaysia

    Address set up looks like below.

    I am getting the error of State or Province is required.  There is no state selection for Malaysia.  See below screen shot of the address for the customer.

    Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    Amy Padovani
    Hamamatsu Corporation
    Bridgewater NJ

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