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Business Event not detecting in Flow

  • 1.  Business Event not detecting in Flow

    Posted 28 days ago
    Hi everyone,

    We presently have several bridges in the making that implies the use of flow and D365 f&o. One of the flows consist of sending an automatic email to people of our organization once an alert rule is triggered in D365.

    Problem is, when starting the flow, nothing happens like it was not detecting the trigger (Business event). We do receive the alerts in D365 so we know the alert is triggering in D365 but not sure why this signal is not sent outside D365. We have heard about endpoints but we don't find any valuable info on how to set these up and if they are the cause of our flow not responding.

    Here is the print screen of the problem in Flow:

    Here is the trigger of our flow (using dynamics F&O), we then filter to take in consideration only one particular trigger for the rest of the steps:

    The alert setup in D365:

    We've tried with another kind of business event (like Sales order invoicing or Purchase order confirmation) and it does not trigger either. We need to know what is missing? What is the missing link? I hope some detectives out there can help us solve the mystery.

    Francois Chagnon
    Montreal ON

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