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Collections Letters In Bulk

  • 1.  Collections Letters In Bulk

    Posted 26 days ago
    Edited by John Gorbach 26 days ago
    Hi there - I 'think' this can be done in D365 but i dont seem to be able to make it work.  What I'm trying to do is leverage "Customer Pools" within collections to send out collections letters to multiple companies at the same time leveraging a common template.  I am able to do this on a customer by customer basis but would like to be able to quickly 'group' customers together and send these essentially in a batch vs. one at a time.


    John Gorbach

  • 2.  RE: Collections Letters In Bulk

    Posted 25 days ago
    Hi John,

    Have you tried the Create Collection Letter feature?  This feature will generate a batch of collection letters based on the criteria you set.  It can be automated to run in batch mode as well.  It's located at: Credit & Collections menu > Collection letter > Create collection letters.

    Donna Cribbin
    DXC Eclipse

    Donna Cribbin
    DXC Technology
    New York NY


  • 3.  RE: Collections Letters In Bulk

    Posted 24 days ago

    One of your colleagues with Avanade, Donald Jenkins, helped us to get our collection letter process working. I'd recommend reaching out to him. I see Donna's note and I agree. We are using this feature and it is working for the most part. The main issue I have with this process is that we could not figure out how to have the batch job recur daily using the current date to trigger new letters to be created. Every time we tried doing this as a recurring job, the date would remain static as the date when we initiated the job. We have to create a new batch job every day to create the letters. The send job works fine from there.


    Karl Arensdorf
    Corporate Controller
    Mansfield Oil Company
    Gainesville GA


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