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Reservations Issue on D365 v10

  • 1.  Reservations Issue on D365 v10

    Posted May 15, 2019 03:26 AM
    Good morning All

    My company recently upgraded to D365 v10 and we are noticing the following issue when the users are reserving stock:

    'Where we have an order with two product lines.  We are finding, when selecting a product line to reserve for, initially only stock of that product is returned, we select the batch and so on, as per the issues below.  However, when there are two product lines on the order.  When you go to reserve the next bag, stock of both products is returned, as well as the issues below, where we are having to select the batch for every line, rather than it retaining the filtered batch as before, we are now having more and more records coming up in the reservation screen.'

    Can anyone advise if they have come across this issue and if there is a solution or work around we can use? This is causing problems for the users.

    Thank you in advance

    Tracy Fitzsimmons
    EMR Ltd
    WestBrook, Warrington

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