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Reference group, Table Relation with two RelationalConstraintField

  • 1.  Reference group, Table Relation with two RelationalConstraintField

    Posted Mar 19, 2020 10:40 AM

    Hi, I'm working with a new table, how has a MasterProduct and Variant Product.


    type RefRecId, Name MasterRefRecId

    Type RecId, Name VariantRefRecId

    The first field works correctly, It has a relation with masterproduct on CSFADimensionsFilter.MasterRefRecId == EcoResProductMaster.RecId (Combobox)

    The second has a relation with EcoResDistinctProductVariant on CSFADimensionsFilter.MasterRefRecId == EcoResDistinctProductVariant.ProductMaster

    and CSFADimensionsFilter.VariantRefRecId == EcoResDistinctProductVariant.RecId

    This creates a filter on the second field based on the first, the problem comes when the second field display the comobobox, the selection shows the RecId, instead of DisplayProductNumber like the first one.

    Could you help me. thanks.

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    Haver Ramirez
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