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Solved - Skip Credit on Interco Direct Delivery

  • 1.  Solved - Skip Credit on Interco Direct Delivery

    Posted May 22, 2020 07:49 AM
    Morning everyone,

    TLDR - if your company receives a credit error when shipping intercompany direct delivery (even though you chose to skip credit check), this will fix your issue.


    Just want to share a potential solution to a confirmed Microsoft bug in D365FO which affects the ability to skip credit checks on intercompany direct delivery orders.

    If we have a customer who is over credit and involved in an intercompany direct delivery order, the order cannot be shipped unless the customer's credit limit is increased. This is because shipping occurs against the IC SALES order and even if you choose to skip credit check, that setting does not get applied during packing slip posting of the customer order, resulting in failure.

    Issue may be broader as it seems the ParmUpdates are not being carried beyond the initial IC SALES posting... potentially things like carrier information, etc. and affecting other scenarios such as simple IC orders with PO auto-receipt.

    Feedback / suggestions always desired, thanks!

    Curtis Watson
    London ON
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