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Cut Over Plan

  • 1.  Cut Over Plan

    Posted 3 days ago
    Hi. We're implementing D365 F&O and going live this May. I'm currently working with our implementation partner (PwC) on a cut over plan. I was wondering if any one had some tips, advice or an actual cut over plan that they'd be willing to share. Thanks Ross

    Ross Sabath
    Ultimate Software

  • 2.  RE: Cut Over Plan

    Posted 3 days ago

    The order of operations is important.

    You'll need to load inventory costs before you load qty on hand.  Once that is done - have finance validate inventory is in balance.

    Once inventory is loaded and sealed, then you can load open SO, PO and if you're using, production orders.

    When you're loading anything from sub-ledgers that would have a GL impact - make these self-canceling entries - meaning the offset account is the control account in the ledger.  This will save you a few journal entries.  For example - when I load open AR - the offset of the load will be the trade AR account.

    When everything is loaded and posted, have finance run all required reports to ensure all sub-ledgers are in balance with the general ledger.

    I have a cut over check-list for finance I can send you if you email me.

    Brad Bertchie
    Senior Consultant
    Western Computer
    Oxnard CA


  • 3.  RE: Cut Over Plan

    Posted an hour ago
    ​My general approach is to transfer the GL account for the subledger to a clearing account, and then set the offset posting instructions for the transaction that loads the subledger to hit the same clearing account.  That gives you two controls:
    • The balance in the GL account matches the subledger balance at go-live
    • Variances between your old system and the new system are trapped in the clearing account.  You can either expense those variances or use them to trigger research into the source of the variance. 

    Kevin McLean
    Strategic Solutions NW, LLC
    Beaverton OR


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