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Transactions on cost adjustment voucher do not balance

  • 1.  Transactions on cost adjustment voucher do not balance

    Posted Jun 28, 2019 04:16 PM
    In doing a mass multi-level cost roll this past weekend, during activation, I received several errors stating that "the transactions on voucher (lists voucher number) do not balance as of per 6/24/2019.  (accounting currency:-62.96 - reporting currency: -62.96).  Posting cancelled."  This stops the activation, requires that item that caused the error be deleted from costing version, then restart the activation.   I had this happen several different times with different items.

    It appears to be an accounting vs reporting currency issue.  Has anyone experienced this before?  if so, were you able to correct the issue?

    Thank you,

    Alice Bowers
    Fort Wayne Metals
    Fort Wayne IN

  • 2.  RE: Transactions on cost adjustment voucher do not balance

    Posted Jul 01, 2019 10:14 AM
    Hi Alice -

    We have received this error using another function, and it is usually due to the calculation "behind the scenes."  In the version of AX that we are using, if the calculation has more than two numbers behind the decimal point, we will get this error (AX only accepts 2 numbers behind the decimal).  Our  IT department is able to go into the calculation behind the scenes and fix it.  Once that happens, we are able to post our transaction.  It's a little bit of an irritation, but glad we are able to fix it. :)

    Hope this helps!

    Christi Weber
    Accountant II
    ICM, Inc
    Colwich, KS

  • 3.  RE: Transactions on cost adjustment voucher do not balance

    Posted Jul 01, 2019 02:31 PM
    ​Just to add to the first response, I've seen that error in the past when someone has modified the display decimals on the data item for cost.  This might be done if there is an inventory item that has a very small cost per unit.  If you've modified the cost so it displays more than 2 decimal places, you will get much better results by manipulating the price quantity to allow you to load a very small price.

    Kevin McLean
    Strategic Solutions NW, LLC
    Beaverton OR

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