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First 2019 - Chapter Meeting in DK

  • 1.  First 2019 - Chapter Meeting in DK

    Posted Jan 04, 2019 06:02 AM
    ​Hi all

    We are planning a chapter meeting in Copenhagen end Jan 2019
    But everybody is of course welcome regardless if you re from DK or a neighbor.
    Please register under the DK chapter meeting or just contact me

    Also please look for the below sessions, when the Amsterdam Summit , schedule is publish

    1. Splitting AX and D365FO databases? Here's How! 1 of 3
    2. AX 2012 Master Data: Keeping It All in Sync 2 of 3
    3. How to get the Most Out of your AX/D365FO Data from any AX Source 3 of 3

    Every year Microsoft delivers new software and new technology, as the old does not just disappear we must always make sure we are aligned with what happens and how we get to use and explorer the next generation. Therefore the AXUG summit is very vital in order for us to bring you that information

    This series of 3 sessions describe the journey the thoughts and the challenges that Omnia Group has tackled, in their journey, we are currently running 6 AX 2012 R3 and 2 D365 installation and we expect to grow , as we also expect that the AX2012 R3 version at some point must be upgraded to the version that is current at that time.

    As those 6 AX was developed and configured in very different ways , and as we needed to isolate the application for several other reason we decided to go from 1 application to 6 application, with all the problems that crates. The session will show you technical the tool, and the process we used in order for this to be accomplished.

    Because of the split of the application, master data became an even bigger and more important piece of implementation we needed, the session will show you how we developed, configured and utilized the MDS in AX2012 R3 for synchronization of data between these split applications.

    The third and maybe the most important, peace in the puzzle is now how we can aggregate the transactional data back into the BI system, for Group reporting, showing you what we did and also giving you some guidelines on how you can in 1 PowerBI report collect data from AX 3,4,2009,2012 and D365.

    It is an existing journey so please join us in Amsterdam, and hopefully become more aware of the possibility and hopefully get closer to you roadmap

    Thomas Bonde Ejby
    Enterprise Solution Architect
    AXUG Summit - Post

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