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New field in voucher transaction

  • 1.  New field in voucher transaction

    Posted 29 days ago

    Hello Experts,

    One requirement came from business where they want to have new field KT reference in engineering asset table (part of ISV) and this field will have unique value for each engineering asset id (1-1 mapping), We are using engineering asset Id as a financial dimension in AX and as a part of sub-ledger transactions(AR and AP) it get followed in Voucher transactions, it's part of standard flow since engineering asset id is part of financial dimensions. Business want to see this new field KT reference in voucher transactions as new column, they want to track their financial using KT reference number, We don't want to create new financial Dimension and I consider bringing this new field into voucher transaction level using customization will be risky. Do you guys see any functional solution for this requirement ? Or easier technical solution? We are in Ax 2012 version.

    Thanks in advance,
    Manish Verma

    Manish Verma
    AX Technical Architect
    TMS International, LLC
    Glassport PA

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