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Batch Invoicing - AX 2012 RTM

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    Posted 11 days ago
    Hello AXperts...

    We are batch invoicing with customer master print management override to either print or email invoices.  About once or twice per week we stumble upon a 'glitch' during the batch process where the invoice is not emailed to the customer.  The info log looks like this:

    The first photo is the infolog where the invoice was not emailed to the customer.  The log states a simple DONE, it does not state the invoice was emailed as shown in the second photo.

    Aside from the fact that this only happens with invoices which are to be emailed, we cannot determine any other pattern.  Customers and timing are always different.

    Has anyone else seen this or something similar?

    Thank you in advance.

    Lori Holmes
    Hamamatsu Corporation
    Bridgewater, NJ