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How to find deleted Sandler-Khan lockbox workbench lines

  • 1.  How to find deleted Sandler-Khan lockbox workbench lines

    Posted 18 days ago
    AX 2012 R3 cu12

    We use Sandler-Khan's Treasury Automation Suite for AX, for processing eSettlement/lockbox files from our bank.

    As users have been working the files, they have reason to delete some lines in the workbench form.  However, we discovered that they have also deleted lines that should not have been deleted.

    Is there a report or SQL table that would show what has been deleted in the workbench?  I have been unable to find anything on the SKG site or in the user guide regarding this.

    I have browsed the SK tables, but don't know where I can find any documentation on the schema.  In our test environment I can see that a record is removed from SKS_LB_JOURNALARERRORS when a line is deleted from the workbench, but that's about as far as I have gotten so far.

    I appreciate any help with this issue.

    Mark Jones
    Lead IT Business Analyst
    Fenton MO