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  • 1.  Mark Sale order as delivered

    Posted Jan 30, 2022 09:53 AM
    Hi All,
    In warehouse, people are generating sale order and invoicing it. After the invoice is generated sometimes it happens that goods are not dispatched to customer due to busy schedule or any other reason.

    Is there any way I can mark the sale order as dispatched/delivered so I can derive the report of sale orders as which are dispatched/delivered or not.

    Rohit Rajput
    RPL pvt Ltd

  • 2.  RE: Mark Sale order as delivered

    Posted Sep 08, 2022 02:08 PM
    Hi Rohit, Why are packing slips and invoices being posted for orders that have not been dispatched? The packing slip posting should occur to decrement inventory and as the marking that the order has been shipped. Otherwise, I would use only a picking list or reservation to hold the goods until they have been physically dispatched.

    Andrew Lencsak
    Director of Delivery
    ArganoArbela (Arbela Technologies)
    Nashua NH

  • 3.  RE: Mark Sale order as delivered

    Posted Sep 22, 2022 11:53 AM
    If you're using WMS, you can prepare everything for shipment, but only click on "confirm shipment" when you know for sure that the goods have left.
    Then I guess you could do a routine which posts only invoices for which shipments are confirmed.

    Alexandra Cadet

  • 4.  RE: Mark Sale order as delivered

    Posted Sep 23, 2022 02:20 AM
    Hi Rohit,

    We currently have a customization, where we're not posting the packing slip when the goods are packed. Instead, we generate a container content report with a barcode of the container ID. The containers are all placed on location Outbound when they are packed, and once the transporter arrives, we'll use a work to move this container to the Truck, which marks that container as shipped. That will print/post the packing slip at the printer next to the bay door (which we'll give to the transporter as attached documents to the CMR), and the sales order will be packing slip updated. The invoicing happens with a batch job at night.

    We'd actually like to start using the advance wave load building, since the above doesn't make sense for courier shipments that collect 50+ shipments a day. This would also require customization, in the sense that we actually want a packing slip before the items are dispatched. We're considering splitting the printing and posting of the packing slip. More specifically, we'd like to print the packing slip once the containers are closed, and use the load status to set the sales order status to Delivered.

    Perhaps this gives some insight or inspiration. :) Good luck!

    Kind regards,

    Arnold de Vries
    Operational/ERP support at Abacus Medicine B.V.
    Alkmaar, Netherlands

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