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Issue while configuring Vendor collaboration/vendor service portal

  • 1.  Issue while configuring Vendor collaboration/vendor service portal

    Posted Mar 13, 2019 01:39 AM
    Hi ,

    I am configuring vendor collaboration to provide access to external vendor user for processing RFQs.
    1.I have already enabled vendor collaboration on vendor master for whom I want to attach a contact or provide access to.
    2.I have configured and activated a user request workflow which is for providing access to external user.(system admin>user workflows)
    3.I added a contact on vendor master and now want to proceed with vendor user request being a procurement professional.
    4.Contact also has relation with user and relevant roles are also attached to it.

    I can see that the access settings has been applied but vendor user request failed.

    Can Anybody let me know what could be the issue???



  • 2.  RE: Issue while configuring Vendor collaboration/vendor service portal

    Posted Mar 14, 2019 03:07 AM
    I was able to figure out where was I wrong which resolved my query but still not able to understand.
    While adding info about contact i,e email Id and business justification when i am entering an email ID with the domain same as that of user ID's domain, system does not allow to process a vendor user request which means it does not allow the request to enter workflow but activates  vendor collaboration feature on vendor master.

    Here the difference is that email ID has contoso domain where as the user who wil be attached to it will have email ID with some other domain.That's what I figured out and this resolved my issue but I am still not convinced why is that so.

    Sakshi Rajvanshi
    AXSource Global Pvt. Ltd.

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