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Fixed Asset Migration into D365

  • 1.  Fixed Asset Migration into D365

    Posted Mar 14, 2019 07:19 PM
    I am looking for any available documentation or a user guide that would give instruction on how to migrate all of our fixed asset details (master data and accumulated depreciation data) into D365 from our legacy software. I have checked here and Customer Source but was unable to find anything.

    We maintain 2 books - one financial book and one for tax. I was given upload templates from our implementation consultant migrate this data through data management. The consultant uploaded the financial book data into our test environment and we were finally able to get it to balance out. He partially uploaded the Tax book data and now I need to finish it, but I keep running into issues. The consultant is unavailable at this time to help me complete this. I have been able to figure out some of the errors and roadblocks I have been encountering on my own through trial and error. Very time consuming. I really need to start the whole thing over, but I am not sure of all of the steps involved. If there is any documentation available on fixed asset migration, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Marie Walters


  • 2.  RE: Fixed Asset Migration into D365

    Posted Mar 15, 2019 09:41 AM
    Hi Marie

    I don't have any formal documentation but the way I have always done it is to load the asset, followed by all applicable books and then opening balances. For opening balances I load 3 journal lines per asset/book combo all dated on the first date of Go-Live. The transactions are:
    - Acquisition at NBV
    - Acquisition Adjustment up to original purchase price
    - Depreciation back down to NBV

    Hope this helps!

    Arush Kuthiala
    Western Computer
    Toronto ON

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