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  • 1.  Attachment Behavior and how different based on Area

    Posted Feb 17, 2022 11:27 AM
    Thanks all in advance for reviewing. 

    My question(s) revolved around the Attachment Functionality and how it is defined by area.

    1. Looking for global overall overview of Attachment Functionality, not on how to do but more about how it changes/limited by area if it is even setup to be used by that area.   . .  I do see some references in the document management area, but looking for guides for not just setting up but how use in the different areas can be different or limited. 

    Specific Questions
    1. D365 Accounts Payable(Invoice Journal) Free Invoices does to allow me to show/preview the 1st attached, when 2 are attached. But it does not allow me to to show/preview attached items on a manually created invoice.

    - Actions performed:
    • Adding attachments to Accounts Payable Invoice Journal when creating a manual invoice. Adding more than one attachment to any invoice.
    - Expected results: Being able to see the invoice as a default attachment. In the image attached I am able to toggle the default attachment to yes.

    - Actual results: Not being able to see the invoice and having to check the attachments to view.

    Michael Fecher
    Cincinnati OH

  • 2.  RE: Attachment Behavior and how different based on Area

    Posted Feb 18, 2022 04:33 AM

    I can confirm that the functionality you require does work if you use the "Vendor Invoice" feature in Accounts Payable and is supported across multiple regions, we currently use in the UK and US. Invoice Journal and Global Invoice Journal do not support this feature.

    Have you tried to switch on the document handling, requires configuration in Organisation Admin > Document Management Parameters, as well as user preferences - Along with Active document tables configured you can control where and when attachments can be created...

    Tony Staples
    Brunswick Group

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