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Financial Delegation split on categories

  • 1.  Financial Delegation split on categories

    Posted Jan 09, 2020 12:56 AM

    We are in currently moving from AX2009 to D365.
    On AX2009 we were able to assign a Financial Delegation to a 'Job Title' (not position) by 'individual Category' or 'Category Group'. And could set this as a default. We also have option to 'Override' the default and specify an 'individual' delegation by Employee.

     Eg        Team Leader (TL) Job Title default is $5k for 'Materials and services' group – this group consists of the majority of our GL Category's excl Contractors, Telephones, Computer Software

                Employee X has a Job Title as TL, however against the Employee can add Mat/Serv Delegation with $10k assigned.

                Can also assign a 'Contractor' Delegation of $50k to the Employee

                This allows for PO's up to $10K within the Mat/Services group created by Employee X to be auto approved.

                Employee X has NO Delegation for Categories outside of what is specified in the group unless specifically added eg as per Contractors delegation.

     We have been unable to set this up in D365. We can only assign 1 $$ delegation to a Job eg TL has a $5k delegation – no further delegations can be applied to the employee.

    Has anyone found a way around this?



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